Otter Tracks
Wharf view upriver
c. 1914
Artifacts (Courtesy Nabb Center)
George and Zipporah Price Vaults
Living Room
View to the River
View from the River
c. 1947 from the SW

   This 240 acre forest was purchased by Wicomico County in 1997 using Program Open Space funds as part of the Pirates Wharf Park acquisition. It appears that at some time in the past the original ancient forest was removed and the land was cleared and ditched. It is likely that the cleared fields were abandoned around 1920 (give or take a few decades). Following abandonment tree seeds still existing in the soil, or carried in by animals, or blown in by the wind from surrounding forests, enabled a new forest to grow. Most likely, the new forest had the same species composition as the former forest but the trees were much younger. As the decades passed, however, the trees grew and the forest recovered.


  Today the forest consists of towering red oaks, white oaks, willow oaks, hickories, red maples, sweet gum, black gum, loblolly pine, and beech. Shorter trees include American holly, dogwood, sassafras, and serviceberry. Shrubs include blueberry, deer berry, huckleberry, and viburnum. There are many ferns and herbaceous plants (including gentian) that grow in the forest too. Many birds and animal species live in the forest as well. Turtles, frogs, and salamanders have all been found there. Unfortunately there has never been a complete biological inventory of the forest.


the Forest  at Pirate's  Wharf

Honor, Preserve,   Enjoy